Conference Program

The following program is a guide for flights and accommodation. Timings are confirmed, however, lectures and presentation titles may be subject to change closer to the time. Please check back regularly for program updates.

Friday 3rd March, 2023 – Meeting Room 210

Time Activity Topic Speaker
0730-0750 Registration    
0750-0800   Welcome  
0800-0820   Upper Limb Reconstruction Ian Galley
0820-0840   Reconstructive solutions for severe upper limb deficiency Munjed
0840-0900   Niche Upper Limb Solutions Ed Bateman
0900-0945 Workshop    
0945-1030 Workshop    
1030-1100 Morning Tea    
1100-1130   Non Union Nando Ferreira
1130-1150   Acute Correction of Deformity Chris Harris
1150-1210   External Fixation for Foot Deformities Christy Graff
1210-1230   Cerebral Palsy- assessment treatment principles and surgical techniques Matthias Axt
1230-1300 Lunch    
1300-1345 Workshop    
1345-1430 Workshop    
1430-1500   Segmental Bone Defects Nando Ferreira
1500-1520   Segmental Bone Defects Kevin Tetsworth
1520-1530   Correction of Distal Radius Deformities Minoo Patel
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea    
1600-1620   Polio Munjed
1620-1630   Metabolic Bone Disease Arnold Suzuki
1630-1730 Case Discussions Arnold Suzuki case/Stewart Morrison case  
1730-1830   ALLARS General Meeting  
1900    Conference Dinner  

7pm: Conference Dinner – Bang Pop

35 S Wharf Promenade, South Wharf

Join us for a delicious banquet and drinks as we digest the past few days and some mouth watering Thai and Asian influenced food. Dinner and drinks are included in the full delegate fee. If you would like to book an extra ticket please do so on the registration page.


Saturday 4th, 2023 – Meeting Room 210

Time Activity Topic Speaker
0800-0830   Open Fracture Mangement Nando Ferreira
0830-0850   Bone Lengthening and Transport after trauma /malignancy Franck Accadbled
0850-0900   Masquelet Minoo Patel
0900-0945 Workshop    
0945-1030 Workshop    
1030-1100 Morning Tea    
1100-1130   Chronic osteomyelitis Nando Ferreira
1130-1150   Chronic osteomyelitis Kevin Tetsworth
1150-1210   Chronic Osteomyeltis in diabetic Feet Brian Martin
1210-1230   Paediatric Bone and Soft Tissue Tumours and Reconstruction Stewart Morrison
1230-1300 Lunch    
1300-1320   Severe Hindfoot Deformity Tim O’Carrigan
1320-1340   PF Pain and maltracking/instability- think beyond the knee Munjed
1340-1410   3D deformity planning Mustafa
1410-1430   Correction of Complex Foot Deformity in Children Johan Mostert
1430-1500   Intramedullary Lengthening Stewart Morrison
1500-1530   Limb reconstruction in a developing country setting Nando Ferreira
1530-1600 Afternoon Tea    
    Stature Lengthening  
1600-1620   Skeletal Dysplasias- Lengthening and deformity correction Tim O’Carrigan
1620-1630   Case for Stature Lengthening Kevin Tetsworth
1630-1640   Case against stature lengthening Tim O’Carrigan
1640-1650   Stature Lengthening- Psychological considerations Chris Basten
1650-1700   Stature Lengthening and deformity correction- Nurse Practitioner POV Noelle Coleman
1700-1800 Case Discussions Johan Mostert case/minoo patel case  

Meeting Topics

The scientific program will focus on the following topics and workshops:

  • Non union
  • Segmental defects
  • osteomyelitis
  • Severe hind foot deformity
  • 3D planning for deformity correction
  • PF pain
  • Polio
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Skeletal Dysplasias- deformity correction and stature lengthening
  • Stature Lengthening
  • Hands on workshops x 6