Cancellation Policy

Please note by booking on this page, you are adhering to the cancellation policy listed. It is the responsibility of the person booking to read and understand the cancellation policy and abide by all information provided.

This policy applies to the conference registration for the scientific meeting ONLY. Cancellations for scientific registration MUST be made in writing to 30 days or more prior to the event start date.

Cancellations made prior to the 30-day period will receive a refund of the registration fee, less any bank charges, conversion fees and Paypal fees.

Please note:
  • Cancellations made after the 30-day period cannot be refunded.
  • Whilst we understand issues may arise, the final numbers to the hotel are provided 60 days prior to the event; therefore, we are unable to offer any refund after this time, regardless of the circumstances.
  • ANY accommodation booked through the conference website is guaranteed at the time of booking and is therefore not refundable regardless of the cancellation date, if possible we will try to swap you with any new delegate bookings in an attempt to provide some fees back, however, this is subject to new delegates booking. We encourage all delegates to obtain travel insurance for COVID and cancellation claims.


Flights are to be booked directly with the hotel or your preferred travel agent. We do not comment on their policies nor offer refunds on any bookings you have made in this regard. Please ensure you contact each agency for their cancellation policy information.